Kool kidz @ St Maxentius primary

St Maxentius C E Primary School

New Heys Way, Bradshaw, Bolton, BL2 4AE

Manager  Yvonne

Contact 07534 432399 For the club

Contact 077484 37600 For bookings or changes

Kool kidz Application- Contract 2018

When you come to us to book childcare we have a legal obligation to get certain information. We do this by having application/contract it records the obvious things like name, address and permissions we need. The form also contains a paragraph about rules and regulations which says:
All fees are payable for permanent booked sessions even if the child does not attend due to sickness or holidays. All booked places must be paid for and sessions can’t be swapped. Fees are due in advance and payments can be made by debit card, cash, Nursery vouchers or Bank transfer.Fees are not charged outside term time unless the child is booked into holiday club. Two weeks’ notice is required for cancellations.We must be informed if the child is not going to be attending or if any one unknown to us will be collecting them.When you sign this contract you are agreeing to these conditions.